E90 Pre Lci Tail Lights

E90 Pre Lci Tail Lights are the perfect way to add style and safety to your vehicle. With their LED technology, they provide a bright and long-lasting light that will make sure you are seen on the road. These lights are also very durable, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking or fading over time.

The E90 pre-LCI tail light is a very popular aftermarket modification. Many people believe that the pre-LCI taillight looks much better than the LCI taillight. The main difference between the two lights is that the pre-LCI light has a clear lens, while the LCI light has a frosted lens.

In my opinion, the clear lens looks much nicer and allows for better visibility at night. If you are considering doing this modification, I would highly recommend it! The results are definitely worth it and you will be very happy with the new look of your car!

E90 Lci Tail Light Conversion

If you’re looking to upgrade your E90’s tail lights to the LCI style, there are a few things you need to know. First off, the LCI tails are not a direct fit – meaning you’ll need to do some modification to make them work. Secondly, there are two different types of LCI tails: pre-facelift and facelift.

The main difference between the two is that the pre-facelift has amber turn signals, while the facelift has all LED lighting. To start, you’ll need to remove your existing tail lights. Once they’re out, you’ll need to modify the wiring harnesses to work with the LCI tails.

This can be done by splicing in new wires or using an adapter kit (we recommend the latter). With the wiring sorted, it’s just a matter of bolting in the new lights and reconnecting everything. The biggest difference between pre-facelift and facelift LCI tails is the lighting.

As mentioned before, pre-facelifts have amber turn signals while facelifts have all LEDs. If you’re upgrading from halogen bulbs to LEDs, you’ll also need new bulbs for your reverse lights (the factory ones won’t work). Other than that, installation is pretty much the same for both types of LCI tails.

Once everything is installed and connected, give it all a test before heading out on the road. Make sure all the lights are working as they should be – brake lights, turn signals, reverse lights – and enjoy your updated look!

-What are the Benefits of Upgrading to Pre Lci Tail Lights

Pre-LCI tail lights are superior to the stock tail lights in a number of ways. First, they provide better illumination thanks to their LED design. This not only makes your car more visible to other drivers, but also makes it easier to see when you’re backing up or changing lanes.

Second, the Pre-LCI’s sleek and modern look will give your car a more upscale appearance. Finally, these tail lights are much more durable than the stock units and are less likely to crack or fade over time.

Rolling-Gears: BMW E90 Pre-LCI Taillight (Clear)


If you’re looking for an upgrade for your E90 pre-LCI tail lights, look no further than the new LED tail lights from FK Automotive. These LED tails are a direct replacement for your stock tails and feature a smoked lens with a red LED strip that runs the entire length of the taillight. The result is a sleek, modern look that will set your car apart from the rest.

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