65 Gto Tail Lights

If you’re a fan of the classic Pontiac GTO, then you know that one of the most distinguishing features of this muscle car is its unique tail light design. And if you’re looking to add a touch of vintage style to your own ride, then a set of 1965 GTO tail lights might be just what you need. But before you start shopping around, there are a few things you should know about these iconic lights.

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What are the Dimensions of the 65 Gto Tail Lights

The dimensions of the 65 Gto Tail Lights are 6.5″ x 13.5″.

What is the Weight of the 65 Gto Tail Lights

The weight of the 65 Gto Tail Lights is approximately 2.5 pounds each.

How Many Mounting Holes are on the 65 Gto Tail Lights

There are four mounting holes on the 65 Gto Tail Lights. Two of the mounting holes are located on the top of the tail light, and two mounting holes are located on the bottom of the tail light.

Are The65 Gto Tail Lights Dot Approved

If you’re looking for a set of 1965 GTO tail lights that are DOT approved, you’ll be out of luck. While there are many aftermarket companies that produce DOT compliant tail lights for other vehicles from that era, there aren’t any currently being produced specifically for the GTO. However, there are a few options available that will allow you to get your hands on a set of these highly sought-after tail lights.

One option is to find a used set of 1965 GTO tail lights that are still in good condition. While this may be difficult to do, it’s not impossible. You can check online classifieds and auto parts websites, as well as salvage yards and junkyards in your area.

Keep in mind that even if you do find a set of used tails, they may not be up to current DOT standards and could potentially get you pulled over if you’re not careful. Another option is to have a set of custom 1965 GTO tail lights made. This is definitely the more expensive route, but it will guarantee that you have a brand new set of DOT compliant tail lights for your classic car.

There are several companies out there that specialize in making custom Tail Lights for classic cars, so doing some research should help you find one that can create a perfect replica of the originals. No matter which route you decide to take in order to get your hands on a set of 1965 GTO tail lights, just make sure that they’re actually DOT compliant before putting them on your car. Getting pulled over and cited for having non-compliant Tail Lights is definitely not something you want to deal with!

What is the Part Number for Replacement Bulbs for the 65 Gto Tail Lights

If you need to replace the bulbs in your 1965 GTO tail lights, the part number you need is 12498. This number corresponds to the Sylvania SilverStar zXe halogen bulb. These bulbs are designed to provide superior visibility and durability, and they will last longer than standard incandescent bulbs.

1965 GTO Taillight


This blog post is about the 65 Gto Tail Lights. The author begins by talking about how the GTO was originally designed with four tail lights, but later changed to two. They go on to say that many people believe the change was made because of government regulations, but the author believes it was actually because of aesthetics.

They then give a brief history of the GTO and how it became one of America’s most iconic muscle cars. The blog post ends with a few pictures of different GTOs from over the years.

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