2019 Toyota 86 Tail Lights

The 86 is a purebred sports car. It’s lightweight and rear-wheel drive, with a near-perfect weight balance. The engine sits low in the chassis for excellent handling, and the suspension is tuned for performance driving.

All of this makes the 86 a blast to drive on twisty roads or racetracks. And for 2019, Toyota has given the 86 an updated look with new tail lights. The 2018 model’s aggressive styling is gone, replaced by a more subdued look that still conveys the car’s sporting intentions.

The changes are most noticeable from behind, where the new taillights feature LED bulbs and a revised design. The overall effect is less fussy and more sophisticated, helping the 86 better fit in with its Lexus stablemates.

The 2019 Toyota 86 is a sports car that was designed with enthusiasts in mind. It’s a pure driving machine, and one of the things that makes it so special is its tail lights. These LED lights not only look great, but they’re also functional, providing better visibility for drivers behind you.

And when you’re out on the open road, they help give the 86 an aggressive and sporty look.

Toyota 86 Tail Lights Oem

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What are the Dimensions of the 2019 Toyota 86 Tail Lights

When it comes to the dimensions of the 2019 Toyota 86 tail lights, they are pretty standard as far as tail lights go. Each light is approximately 12 inches wide and 6 inches tall. However, there is a bit of a curve to them, so they may appear to be slightly larger than other tail lights on the market.

How Many Leds are in Each Tail Light

The number of LEDs in each tail light can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. However, most vehicles have between 10 and 20 LEDs in each tail light. The number of LEDs is not necessarily an indication of the brightness of the tail lights, as other factors such as the lens design and reflector efficiency also play a role in how bright the tail lights appear.

What is the Color Temperature of the Leds

The color temperature of an LED is the temperature of the light emitting diode. The term is used to describe the color of light emitted by a particular source. The higher the color temperature, the whiter the light appears.

LEDs with a lower color temperature appear yellow or amber in color.

What is the Wattage Draw of the Tail Lights

The wattage draw of the tail lights on a car can vary depending on the make and model of the car. However, in general, the wattage draw for tail lights is between 5 and 20 watts. The specific wattage will be dependent on how bright the tail lights are.

For example, if the tail lights are very bright, they may have a wattage draw of 20 watts. If the tail lights are not as bright, they may have a wattage draw of only 5 watts.

Are the Tail Lights Dot Compliant

Yes, the tail lights are DOT compliant. They meet all of the standards set by the Department of Transportation for rear lighting on vehicles. This includes having a certain level of brightness, being visible from a certain distance, and being made from durable materials.

VLAND OLED Tail Light for 2012-2020 Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S


The 2019 Toyota 86 gets a new set of tail lights that give it a more aggressive look. The old lights were round and had a chrome surround, but the new ones are more angular and have a black surround. The change is subtle, but it makes the car look sportier.

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