2005 4Runner Led Tail Lights

One of the most popular SUVs on the market, the Toyota 4Runner, saw a redesign in 2005. As part of that redesign, the company decided to change up the look of the tail lights. They went from traditional incandescent bulbs to modern LED bulbs.

This was a big change for many drivers, but it proved to be a great decision by Toyota. The LEDs are much brighter than incandescent bulbs and they use less energy, which is good for both your wallet and the environment.

If you’re looking for a way to make your 2005 4Runner stand out from the rest, consider installing some LED tail lights. These aftermarket lights give your SUV a unique look that will definitely turn heads when you’re on the road. Not only do they look great, but LED tail lights are also much brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs, so they’ll help you stay safe while driving at night.

2005 4Runner Tail Light Bulb

If your 2005 4Runner is like most newer vehicles on the road, it probably has LED tail lights. But what happens when one of those bulbs burns out? You may be surprised to learn that you can’t just run down to the local auto parts store and pick up a replacement.

LED tail lights are becoming more and more common on today’s vehicles. They provide better visibility and use less power than traditional incandescent bulbs. But when one goes out, replacing it can be a bit more complicated than simply changing a light bulb.

Most automakers don’t offer replacement LED bulbs for sale to the general public. That’s because each LEDtail light is made up of multiple individual LEDs, which are all soldered together onto a circuit board. If just one LED fails, the entire tail light assembly would need to be replaced – something that would likely cost hundreds of dollars from the dealership.

There are aftermarket companies that sell replacement LED Tail Light Bulbs for many different makes and models of vehicles – including the 2005 4Runner – but they can be difficult to find and aren’t always cheap. So if you’re stuck with a dead LED tail light bulb on your 4Runner, your best bet may be to take it to a qualified mechanic or electrical technician who can replace it for you.

Is It Worth Getting Led Tail Lights?

As with most things, it depends. LEDs use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and last much longer, so they’ll save you money in the long run. They’re also more visible to other drivers, so they can help make your car more noticeable and therefore safer on the road.

Do I Need a Relay for Led Tail Lights?

If you have LED tail lights, you might need a relay. A relay is an electrically operated switch that can be used to turn on or off a circuit. It’s usually used to control a high-powered circuit with a low-power signal, like a switch that controls a light bulb.

When the switch is turned on, the relay closes and completes the circuit, allowing current to flow and the light to turn on. When the switch is turned off, the relay opens and breaks the circuit, stopping the current from flowing and the light from turning on. You might need a relay for your LED tail lights if your car didn’t come with them.

If your car came with traditional incandescent bulbs, there’s already a good chance that it has relays for those circuits. But if your car came with LEDs or you’ve replaced yourtail lights with LEDs, you might need to install relays. That’s because LEDs draw much less power than incandescent bulbs, so they might not trigger the existing relays in your car.

Installing relays is usually pretty easy. You’ll just need to connect some wires to appropriate places under your dash and then mount the relay somewhere in your engine bay. Consult your LED tail light installation instructions or an automotive wiring diagramto figure out where everything goes.

Are Aftermarket Led Tail Lights Legal?

Yes, aftermarket LED tail lights are legal as long as they meet the DOT (Department of Transportation) standards. The main thing to watch out for is that the LEDs are not too bright, as this can cause glare and make it difficult for other drivers to see. Also, make sure that the LEDs are properly sealed so that moisture and dirt cannot get in and damage them.

Are Led Tail Lights Plug And Play?

Most LED tail lights are designed to be “plug and play” which means they will directly replace your existing tail light bulbs. In some cases, you may need to purchase an LED-specific taillight housing or wiring harness adapter in order for the new LED bulbs to work correctly. However, installation is typically very simple and can usually be done without any special tools or knowledge.



The 2005 4Runner LED Tail Lights are a great way to improve the look of your SUV. They provide better visibility and allow you to see more clearly at night. Installation is easy and only takes a few minutes.

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