1991 Toyota Celica Tail Lights

The 1991 Toyota Celica was available in two body styles, a three-door hatchback and a two-door convertible. Both models came standard with four-wheel disc brakes, anti-lock brakes, and a driver’s side airbag. The GT model included fog lights and a rear spoiler.

The convertible top was power operated on the All-Trac Turbo model. Tail lights were clear on all models except the GT Convertible which had smoked taillights.

The 1991 Toyota Celica was equipped with some of the best looking tail lights ever put on a car. These lights were not only stylish, but they were also very functional. The light output from these units was amazing and they really helped to light up the road behind you.

Unfortunately, these tail lights are no longer available on new cars. However, you can still find them on used cars and they make a great addition to any collection.

1991 Toyota Celica Headlights

The 1991 Toyota Celica was equipped with either halogen or Quartz-Halogen headlight bulbs. The headlights were mounted in rectangular sealed beam units that could be replaced as a whole unit. The headlight bulbs had a clear outer coating and an inner reflector.

The high beam and low beam filaments were arranged in a “V” pattern. When the headlight switch was turned on, the low beams would illuminate first, followed by the high beams when the lever was pulled back slightly. There was also a position for daytime running lights (DRL) on the headlight switch.

The DRLs would stay on as long as the engine was running and the parking brake wasn’t engaged. The 1991 Toyota Celica GT-S came standard with fog lights. These were round sealed beam units that were mounted in the lower part of the front bumper.

The fog light switch was located on the instrument panel to the left of the steering wheel.

How Do I Replace the Tail Lights on My 1991 Toyota Celica

Assuming you need to replace the entire taillight assembly: The 1991 Toyota Celica taillights are held in place by three bolts. Two are located on the top of the assembly, and one is located on the bottom.

To remove the bolts, simply use a socket wrench to loosen and remove them. Once the bolts are removed, carefully pull the taillight assembly away from the car. Be careful not to break any of the wires that are attached to it.

To install the new taillight assembly, simply reverse these steps. Line up the new assembly with the holes where the three bolts go, and then hand-tighten them before using a socket wrench to tighten them completely. Once all three bolts are secure, test your work by turning on your headlights and brake lights to make sure they both work properly.

Celica Taillight Replacement


In 1991, Toyota released the Celica with updated tail lights. The new design consisted of two red lenses separated by a clear lens in the center. This change was made to give the car a more aggressive look and make it more aerodynamic.

The taillights were also made larger and given a chrome surround.

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