1974 Corvette Tail Lights

In 1974, the Corvette’s tail lights were redesigned. The new design had three vertical lamps on each side instead of the previous two horizontal ones. This change was made to improve the car’s visibility from behind, and it also gave the car a more modern look.

While the 1974 Corvette might not be the most popular model out there, it’s still a classic car that has its fans. One of the most distinctive features of this year’s model is the tail lights. Unlike previous years, which featured two round lights on each side, the 1974 model had four rectangular lights.

This gave the car a more modern look and set it apart from other cars on the road. While some people might not like this change, others think it makes the car more unique and interesting. What do you think?

1975 Corvette Led Tail Lights

1975 Corvette Led Tail Lights The 1975 Corvette was the first year for the now- iconic LED taillights. These lights were a big change from the previous years’ taillights, and they set the tone for future Corvette designs.

The 1975 LEDs were much brighter than traditional bulbs, and they provided a more modern look for the car. While some people loved the new lights, others found them to be too bright and intrusive. Regardless of opinion, the LED taillights were a defining feature of the 1975 Corvette.

-How Many Different Types of Corvette Tail Lights were Made in 1974

According to Corvette Action Center, there were four different types of Corvette tail lights made in 1974: chrome, clear/red, red/clear, and tinted. The most popular type was the chrome tail light, which was used on approximately half of all Corvettes produced that year. The other three types were each used on roughly one quarter of all Corvettes built in 1974.

74 C3 Corvette Tail Light Conversion


The 1974 Corvette was the first year for the now-famous tail lights. These unique lights have become one of the most recognizable features of the Corvette, and are a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts. The original design was inspired by a concept car from 1963, and features three vertical rows of red taillights.

The center row contains two brake lights, while the outer rows each contain a turn signal.

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