1971 Dodge Demon Tail Lights

One of the most interesting and unique features of the 1971 Dodge Demon are its tail lights. Unlike most cars of the era, which had two round taillights on each side, the Demon had four rectangular ones. This gave the car a very aggressive look, and helped it stand out from the competition.

The tail lights were also functional, and could be used as turn signals or brake lights.

The 1971 Dodge Demon was a compact car that was available in both a two-door and four-door version. The Demon had unique tail lights that were triangular in shape and had three bulbs in each light. The taillights were an optional extra on the Demon and many other cars of the era, but they were standard on the Demon GT model.

1971 Dodge Demon Tail Light Lenses

The 1971 Dodge Demon was a compact car manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation. It was based on the Plymouth Duster, and was available in two door coupe and four door sedan body styles. The Demon was powered by a small block V8 engine, and featured unique tail light lenses that were not used on any other model of car.

These taillights were known as “Demon Eyes”, and became one of the most distinctive features of the car.

What are the Dimensions of the 1971 Dodge Demon Tail Lights

The 1971 Dodge Demon tail lights are 6-1/2 inches wide and 4-1/4 inches tall.

How Many1971 Dodge Demons were Equipped With Tail Lights

In 1971, Dodge released a special edition of the Demon called the “Tail Light” model. This version of the Demon was equipped with special tail lights that were designed to look like those used on police cars. Only 500 of these Tail Light models were produced, making them quite rare and collectible today.

What Kind of Bulbs are Used in the 1971 Dodge Demon Tail Lights

The 1971 Dodge Demon used a sealed beam headlight, which was a common type of headlight used in the 1970s. The sealed beam headlights had a glass lens that was sealed to the metal housing with an adhesive. The bulbs used in the sealed beam headlights were H4 or HB2 halogen bulbs.

1971 Dodge Demon Taillights Customer Video


The 1971 Dodge Demon was equipped with a unique set of tail lights. These lights were different from the standard taillights used on other models of Dodges. The Demon’s taillights were designed to look like demon eyes, and they glowed red when illuminated.

Many people believe that the design of the Demon’s tail lights was inspired by a comic book character called The Devil.

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