1965 Dodge Dart Tail Lights

The 1965 Dodge Dart came with a variety of different tail light options. The most popular option was the dual round taillights, which were standard on all models except the GT. Other options included a single round taillight on the driver’s side, and rectangular taillights.

The GT model also had an optional third brake light.

The 1965 Dodge Dart came with a new, slimmer tail light design. The old, round taillights were replaced with two long, rectangular lights. This gave the car a more modern look and helped it stand out from the competition.

The new tail lights were not only stylish but also very functional. They provided better visibility for drivers and made the car more visible to other motorists on the road.

1966 Dodge Dart Tail Lights

If you’re a fan of classic cars, then you know that the 1966 Dodge Dart is one of the most iconic American automobiles ever made. And part of what makes this car so special are its unique tail lights. The original design for the 1966 Dodge Dart included two large round taillights, but due to government regulations, the company was forced to change the design slightly.

The final design included two smaller rectangular taillights that were still very distinctive and stylish. These days, you can find reproduction tail lights for your 1966 Dodge Dart that look just like the originals. Or if you’re looking for something a little bit different, there are also numerous aftermarket options available that will give your car a more modern look while still paying homage to its classic roots.

No matter which route you choose, investing in new tail lights for your 1966 Dodge Dart is a great way to add style and personality to your beloved automobile.

What are the Dimensions of the 1965 Dodge Dart Tail Lights

Assuming you are referring to the taillights on a 1965 Dodge Dart, the dimensions would be as follows. The width of the lens would be approximately 6 inches, while the height would be about 2 inches. The depth of the lens (from front to back) would be around 1 inch.

These dimensions may vary slightly depending on the exact year and model of your car.

PROJECT 1965 DODGE DART : Gets Low budget 3rd brake light upgrade & some patch welding on floor


The 1965 Dodge Dart came with two different types of tail lights. The first type was a three-lamp setup that had a brake light in the center and two turn signals on either side. The second type was a four-lamp setup that added an extra brake light above the center brake light.

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