1965 Corvette Tail Lights

The 1965 Corvette was the last year for round tail lights. In 1966, the Corvette got a new look with more squared off tail lights. For many collectors and enthusiasts, the 1965 model is the most sought after because of its unique style.

The sleek lines of the body and those distinctive round tail lights make it a true classic.

The 1965 Corvette was the first year for the now iconic quad tail lights. The design was inspired by the Ferrari 250 GTO and many believe it helped make the Corvette a true American sports car icon. While some may find the design dated, there’s no denying that the quad taillights are one of the most recognizable features of the Corvette.

1966 Corvette Tail Lights

The 1966 Corvette was the last year for the second-generation of this American classic sports car. And, it featured some pretty unique and interesting tail lights. For starters, the ’66 Vette’s taillights were larger and more bulbous than previous years.

They also had a different pattern, with three large round bulbs in each light (one brake/turn signal, one backup, and one marker). This was similar to the layout of the 1963-1965 Cadillac tail lights. Interestingly, the ’66 Vette’s tail lights were not symmetrical.

The driver’s side light had two small vertical lines running through the center of it, while the passenger side did not. These lines were actually vents that allowed hot air to escape from the engine compartment – a pretty clever design! Finally, the ’66 Vette’s tail lights had a chrome trim surround that extended all the way across the back of the car.

This gave them a very distinctive look that really set them apart from other cars on the road at that time.

Did Any Corvettes Have 6 Tail Lights?

The 1963 Corvette is the only model to have six tail lights. The six tail light design was introduced in response to GM’s new safety requirements that mandated brake lights be placed higher on the vehicle so they would be more visible to following drivers. The center two taillights were connected to the brake light circuit, while the outer two taillights served as turn signals.

How Many Tail Lights Must a 1966 Corvette Have?

A 1966 Corvette must have two tail lights.

1965 Corvette Stop Lights


In 1965, Chevrolet introduced the world to a new type of tail light for their Corvette. These lights were designed to improve visibility and safety while driving at night. The new lights were a big hit with drivers and soon became a standard feature on all Corvettes.

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