1964 Thunderbird Tail Lights

The 1964 Thunderbird was a popular car model and its tail lights were an iconic design feature. The Thunderbird was introduced in 1955 and the taillights were updated in 1964. The original design had three lights on each side, but the 1964 update added an additional light on each side for a total of six.

The new lights were larger and more rectangular than the previous ones. They were also placed further apart from each other, which made the car look wider and more aggressive.

The 1964 Thunderbird was a popular car made by Ford. It had some unique features, including tail lights that were different from most other cars on the road. The Thunderbird’s tail lights were horizontal, rather than vertical, and they wrapped around the back of the car.

This gave the Thunderbird a distinctive look that set it apart from other cars.

1964 Thunderbird Tail Light Bulb

The 1964 Thunderbird was a popular car that came equipped with many features that made it stand out from the competition. One of those features was the unique tail light bulb. This bulb was designed to be much brighter than the standard bulbs of the time and it became a signature feature of the Thunderbird.

-What are the Dimensions of the 1964 Thunderbird Tail Light

The 1964 Thunderbird tail light has dimensions of 7x6x3 inches.

1964 Thunderbird sequential taillights.


The 1964 Thunderbird was the first year for the quad headlight design. The front end was completely redesigned with a new grille, hood, and fenders. The rear end received new taillights that wrapped around the quarter panels.

The result was a sleek and stylish car that was ahead of its time.

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